Grow your business

What are the benefits of having an app? An app could help your business grow, automate employee tasks, generate direct income, advertise your brand, connect with your customers… We can help you clarify your business needs and outline how we can assist you.

Designed for your needs

Our user-centric design process follows the user experience best practices. We run contextual user inquiries, data analysis, collaborative thinking and iterative designs.

Get it right the first time

We are technical experts. We have extensive knowledge gained from designing, developing and deploying complex web and mobile apps.

Market research and user experience

Is your idea viable?

Don’t waste time and money on an app that isn’t viable. We can undertake market research and prototyping to help you assess if your project is viable.

For instance, one of our clients wanted to develop a babysitting app. We studied competitors, proposed different business models, estimated the total addressable market and created a few flow charts. We presented a prototype of the main use case. As a result of our competitor research, the client decided not to follow-up on the app development. See the prototype

We love creating apps

Our eSport app

We developed eSport Ninja internally as a demo of our work. The app helps competitive online gamers find and book a coach.

Technically, the app connects to a back-end server and any data changes are reflected on the app in real-time. User events are tracked by the best analytics tools, which allows us to review and improve the design in an efficient way. It is a fully native app running on Android and iOS at 60 frames per second.

bepaw_art-03_esportninja_smaller size

Technical expertise

  • Native app

    Smooth 60 frames per second animation.

  • Android and iOS

    We support both major platforms for phones and tablets

  • Push notification

    We can manage the push notification server.

art-03_bepaw_smaller size
  • Realtime synchronization

    Your back-end data changes are reflected in the app immediately.

  • Offline mode

    You can use the app without internet.

  • Deep analytics

    We utilise analytic tools like Mixpanel, Amplitude, and Google Analytics. We can run A/B testing, cohorts and behaviour studies.

Available on App Store and Google Play

eSport Ninja is one of our personal projects, check it out.





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Bepaw – 2016

28A Glenelg Street, 6153 Applecross, WA
[email protected] +61 466 554 926

Bepaw – 2016

28A Glenelg Street, 6153 Applecross, WA
[email protected] +61 466 554 926